6 Things To Do When You Go to Test Drive a Car

Many people don’t really know what to do when they test drive a car. Most probably just go to the dealer, say yes to the test drive and drive around the block. This is not the ideal way to do it. If you are considering buying a car, keep these things in mind when you test drive the car. It will help you know what to look for and what to do before and during the test drive.

image by: Volvo

Learn more about the car. Before going for a test drive, do some research on the car or cars that you are considering. Find out about its features and have questions ready to ask the sales person.

Take your time. Set out enough time for the test drive as you don’t want to rush it. Take your time and enjoy the drive.

Let the sales person show you things work. Allow the sales person to drive first so he or she can show you the car’s features and how everything works. This way you will enjoy it more when you drive and feel more comfortable.

Adjust things to be comfortable. Once you are in the driver’s seat, make adjustments to the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel to make you comfortable. This will also help your decision-making. An uncomfortable seating position could spoil the whole process.

Try out different areas. When you go for the test drive try and drive where there are circles, speed bumps, winding roads, and parking lots. This will give you a complete idea of how the car drives.

Drive like you already bought it. If you are going for a test drive, you have most likely decided already. Drive the car like you own it. Stick to the law, but push the limits of the car and try out all the buttons and features. If it feels like yours, it will be yours.

The last thing to consider is that you should drive at least a few miles to really get the feel for a car. Around the block is not sufficient. If you do these things before and during the test drive, you will be much happier with your decision.